17 Eylül 2014 Çarşamba

Tourists Douse Turkish Flag "To Clean It"

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 September 2014)

Bayrağı denize atınca tutuklandılar
Ukrainians and Moldovans have a clean flag fetish.

In Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Ukranian citizen Myroslav
Sheremeta (34) and Moldovan citizen Iuri Volontir (24)
went to the seaside yesterday morning at 8.30 AM.  While
passing by the fisherman's statue, the two tourists snatched
the Turkish flag from the statue's hand and threw it into the

Passers-by reacted angrily to the incident and started
beating the two tourists. Police arrived at the scene and
took the pair into custody. Sheremeta and Volontir stated
that they had come to Turkey to tour and when questioned
at the police station they claimed that "we threw the flag
into the water to clean it (!). We had no bad intentions."

After giving their statements the two tourists were taken to
the Buyukcekmece Public Prosecutor, from where they were
sent on to the on-duty court with a request that they be
arrested. The court ordered that Sheremeta be jailed for
insulting the Turkish flag and failing to show his passort.
Volontir was arrested for insulting the Turkish flag.

            Istanbul's Buyukcekmece district.

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