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Girl Power! For Better or Worse

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(Yeni Safak Newspaper, 24 September 2014)

Legend has it that the Amazons ruled nearby Sinop...

In Fatsa district of Ordu province, ten women gave birth to 12
girls in succession in the space of two days at a private hospital.
Two of the women had girl twins. The doctors involved in the
deliveries - Dr. Suheyla Cetintas, Dr.Lale Usta and Dr. Sadi
Aksehirli - calculated the odds of such an event afterwards.

According the their calculations, the likelihood of 12 girl babies
being born in a row, with two twins, is 1 in 105 million.
Dr. Aksehirli noted that 99 million babies are born in the world
each year so witnessing such an event was quite remarkable.

                  Ordu province.

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 September 2014)

                   "Today is your last hubby!"

In Yakutiye district of Erzurum yesterday morning, Kezban
Karatas (40) was walking with her husband Ersin Karatas (43)
in front of the Kazim Karabekir Business Center. Suddenly,
Kezban exclaimed "enough! I'm going to kill you!". She pulled a
revolver from her purse and fired. Her husband Ersin was hit
in the stomach and fell to the ground.

Kezban called for a health rescue team and then summoned the
police, saying that she had shot her husband.  Kezban waited at her
husband's side until the rescuers came and was then taken into
custody. Ersin was brought to a hospital. An eye witness to the
event, H.M., related that "there wasn't any argument. The woman
pulled out the gun and shot her husband, saying 'he abandoned
us for a whore!'. She then looked at him and screamed 'look into
my eyes. Today is your last day.'"

               Erzurum province.
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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 September 2014)

Kuma yüzünden intihara kalktılar
Husbands' 'spare wife' idea didn't sit well with Fatma and Seher.

Two young women in Sanliurfa attempted suicide because their
husbands had brought a 'kuma' (spare wife) into their homes. The
two women jumped into an irrigation canal in plain view of police
and were rescued by divers.

The incident occurred the evening before last at the DSI irrigation
canal next to the Sanliurfaspor GAP Valley facility in Haliliye
district.  According to reports, Fatma L. (28) and Seher E. (24),
who are friends living in the same neighborhood, were both
subjected to a Syrian 'kuma' brought into their homes by their

The two women objected to the 'kuma' but were then beaten by
their husbands, who also kept their children from seeing their
mothers. The women decided to commit suicide and stood on
a bridge over the canal hand in hand.  Police tried for an hour
to dissuade the women but they jumped anyway. Police divers
retrieved the women, who were brought to Mehmet Akif Inan
Training and Research Hospital, where their condition is good.
Reportedly, the two women tried to commit suicide a week
ago, as well.  An investigation into the incident has been started.

Haliliye district is within the provincial capital Sanliurfa.

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