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Violence Against Women: Statue of Limitations

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 September 2014)

Offending pose (ouch!) on left, readjusted to the one on right.

In Amasya, there has been an adjustment made to the stonemason's
hammer that is part of the statue honoring legendary lovers Ferhat
and Sirin. The Amasya municipality had erected 5-meter high
statues of the two lovers on the summit of Elmadag mountain,
where, legend has it, Ferhat pierced the mountain in order to find
water for Sirin.  The statues drew great interest from citizens.

However, one aspect of the statues' placement drew quite a bit
of criticism from the populace, prompting the municipality to
make an adjustment. Mayor Cafer Ozdemir explained the
situation as follows: "most of the comments about the statues
were favorable but one particular criticism had to do with
Ferhat's hammer. In the legend, when Sirin learns that Ferhat
has died she throws herself off the mountain and we wanted
to depict this with the statues. However, Ferhat's statue was
originally behind the ready-to-leap Sirin and it appeared that
he was going to smash her with his hammer. We appreciated this
and changed the position of the hammer. Now the statues
are faultless."
       Amasya province.

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