12 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Erdogan Attacked by Bear, Saves Self With Stiff-arm

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 September 2014)

             Victim and perpetrator.

In Tunceli, Mehmet Erdogan (22) was attacked by a bear but
saved himself by sticking his arm down the bear's throat.
Erdogan lives with his family in the Hengirvan pasture near
Tunceli city and he set out from home the day before yesterday
toward the city. As Erdogan was walking along a path in an oak
grove he heard a noise behind him and turned to find himself
confronted by a giant bear.

The bear snatched the right arm of Erdogan, who was too
frightened to flee. Realizing that he couldn't get his arm out of
the bear's mouth, Erdogan rammed his entire arm down the
bear's throat. After dragging Erdogan about 20 meters the
bear, unable to breathe,  became exhausted and released
Erdogan's arm.  The bear then left the area with its two cubs.

                 Tunceli province.

Thanks to his quick thinking, Erdogan saved himself from the
bear and was able, with difficulty, to return to the pasture.
His family alerted rescue personnel who transported Erdogan
to a hospital. Erdogan, who health condition is considered good,
explained what happened as follows: "I was walking in the
pasture and entered an oak grove along the path. After about
100 meters I heard a roar. When I turned around the bear was
next to me and snatched my arm. That's when I stuck my
whole arm down its throat. It dragged me for about 15 or 20
meters, ran out of breath and had to release me. It was a
miraculous escape."

Sending 'gecmis olsun' message to fellow Erdogan.

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