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Chinese Sewer Water Torture - For a Cellphone

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 September 2014)

//ed. note: like the rest of the world, we (occasionally)
import from China.//

Telefon uğruna zincirleme ölüm
Hubby dreaded wife's wrath, but paid a higher price.

In China's Shinyang region, a $300 telephone that fell into a
toilet caused a tragedy. According to a report in the South
China Morning Post, a man who dropped his wife's new
telephone into the toilet lowered himself into the well adjacent
to the sewer system to retrieve it but fainted when he had trouble
breathing. The man's mother, not hearing her son's voice,
panicked and went into the well herself.  The mother fainted, too.

The man's father, realizing that his son and his wife had
disappeared in the well, asked for help from neighbors. However,
before help could arrive the father had lowered himself  into
the well.  Eye witnesses reported that some of the neighbors
went into the well in an effort to save those who had fainted but
none of them reappeared.

Rescue teams reached the scene and with the help of rope were
able to retrieve 6 people from the well. The son and mother who
were at the bottom of the well for some time lost their lives. A
mother of a one-year old child and another neighbor were in
intensive care.

One of the neighbors who went into the well related that "the
smell was quite strong (!). After I lowered down I couldn't see
anything and fainted."  Witnesses to the incident stated that
the mother and son were alive when they were brought out of
the well but because it took the ambulance an hour to reach the
hospital they could not be saved.

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