8 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Gamblers Bet on "Fire!" and Half Win

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 8 September 2014)

must see video hilarious!

Polisleri ezdiler
Can't start a fire without a flame, so just pretend.

Vice squad teams from the Adana police department received
a tip that gambling was underway in the Guven Party Provincial
HQ's office on the top floor of a business center in the Kayalibag
neighborhood of Seyhan district.  Police surrounded the building
with barb wire and steel fencing to prevent any escapes and
announced "open up, this is the police!"

After a short period of silence, cries of "fire! fire!" could be heard
from inside the building. The crowd of gamblers streamed out of
the center and overwhelmed the waiting police teams. In all,
about 50 gamblers were able to escape because of the confusion
caused by  the "fire!" ruse. Another 50 were, however, rounded up
by police.

Inside the building police found a woozy Mehmet D. (41), who
had hid in a electrical transformer room to evade the police.
Mehmet D. had been suffered an electric shock and was
transported to a hospital. All of the arrested gamblers were fined
189 TL ($95), in accordance with the Misdemeanor Law.

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