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Count Dracula's Dungeon is Found in Tokat (?)

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 9 September 2014)

//ed. note:Dracula/Vlad the Impaler was born in 1431 in
Romania. He had lots of interaction with the Ottoman Turks
but looking at his bio it does not appear he spent any time
for business or pleasure in Tokat. Wishful thinking, perhaps,
on the part of Tokat's tourism boosters.

Dracula/Vlad  links to Vikipedia bio.//

Maybe it was Count Chocula, vice Dracula, in the dungeon.

In the course of the ongoing restoration work underway at
the Tokat Fortress, in the center of  Tokat city, in addition
to a secret passage that goes to the Pervane Bath and a
military shelter, dungeons where it is thought Eflak prince
Count Dracula may have been held prisoner in the fortress
in the early years of the 1400's (!Dracula is thought to have
been born in 1431), have been found.

The fortress restoration work was begun in 2009 as a joint
tourism-boosting project by the Tokat Governor's Office
and the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate. The
first phase of the resoration ended in 2010 and the second
phase began two and a half months ago.

The fortress towers used for defense in Selcuk and Ottoman
times have been strengthened and excavations around the
fortress perimeter have been conducted. The project is
being overseen by 3 archeologists and thus far provision
containers, a military shelter, a secret passage to the Pervane
Bath in the city center and two dungeons have been found.

It is thought that Eflak prince Count Dracula, who lived
betwee 1431 and 1476,  may have been held prisoner in
one of the dungeons.

No vampire sightings in Tokat either.

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