19 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Granddad's Slipper Hits Unintended Target - His Grandchild

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(Star Newspaper, 19 September 2014)

Now we know, anything can be a deadly weapon.

In Bornova district of Izmir province, a grandfather got angry
at his wife, flung his slipper at her but hit his grandchild instead,
causing the baby's death.

According to reports, Seyfettin Ergun (40) of Bornova's
Mevlana neighborhood, became upset at this wife Serpil
and his daughter Burcu E., who were arguing.  Ergun flung
his slipper at his wife but the slipper hit the head of 1 month-
old Buse Naz Ogut, who was lying in his daughter Burcu's
arms. The child was transported to Ege University Medical
Faculty hospital but, despite all efforts, could not be saved.

An autopsy conducted at Izmir's Polic Forensics Lab
concluded that Buse Naz Ogut lost her life because of brain
trama. Based on the autopsy report, police went to the home
in Bornova and took grandfather Ergun into custody. The
baby's mother, Burcu E., has been living with her parents
while the child's father Nurettin Ogut serves a prison

              Izmir's Bornova district

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