2 Eylül 2014 Salı

Cop Takes 'Selfie' With Bridge Jumper

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 September 2014)

One cold-hearted cop and his suicidal selfie.

A new twist was added yesterday to sucicides from the Bosphorus
Bridge in Istanbul - a policeman took a 'selfie' with the jumper in the
background. The incident paralyzed Istanbul traffic during the morning
rush hour. Sadrettin Saskin (35) had climbed on to the bridge guardrail
at 6.30 A.M., distraught because of family problems.

Police arrived at the scene quickly and try to persuade Saskin not to
jump, as he hung to the sea side of the guardrail. One of the policemen
took the opportunity to take a 'selfie' of himself with Saskin a few
meters away on the rail.

Dissuasion efforts proved unsuccessful  and Saskin jumped into the
water below after three hours of threatening to do just that. Police
maritime units retrieved Saskin from the water and brought him to
nearby Ortakoy. However, there were no health personnel waiting
at Ortakoy and when they finally arrived they were unable to revive
Saskin with heart massages.

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