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Bridge Over Troubled Waters: 8th Rebuild

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 September 2014)
İnadına köprü
"Go ahead and wreck it again. I dare you Nature!"

The concrete reinforced bridge over the Karamenderes River
on the road that connects the village of Sacakli to the
district capital of Bayramic in Canakkale province, has been
destroyed 7 times because of winter rains and floods. The
bridge shortens the distance from the village to Bayramic by
7 kilometers so after each collapse the villagers rebuilt it.

After he latest collapse the villagers decided to rebuild the
bridge for the 8th time. They collected 36,000 TL in cash
contributions and received another15,000 TL worth of
equipment for the job.  The reconstruction began 1.5 months
ago and the last concrete has been poured. Within  a week
the 70 meter-long bridge will be opened to traffic.  The
villagers say that if the bridge falls again they will rebuild
it again.

Bayramic is straight south of Canakkale.


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