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Vets' Building With a High Handicap

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(Posta Newspaper, 21 September 2014)

Might as well be Mt. Everest.

The Erzurum office of the Turkish War Veterans, Widows
and Orphans Association is located on the top floor of a
6-story building in the Yakutiye section of the city. Nine
years ago the Erzurum Trade and Industry group assigned
the office space to the Association.

However, since the building does not have an elevator disabled
veterans cannot visit the office. A bitter example of this was
on display yesterday when protocol members visited the
Association as part of 'Veterans Week'.  The visitors who
could reach the office were out of breath after climbing 6
flights of stairs. Meanwhile, the disabled veterans were left
waiting at the building's front door and were not pleased.

Association President Recep Akgul said that "since the state
didn't give us a place we were forced to accept this office.
We've been pleading everywhere for a new office for 9
years so that our disabled members could visit their Association's
office. Noone listened to us, though."

               Erzurum province.

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