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'Bitcoin' Murder in Antalya

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 16 September 2017)

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                 The bitter side of Bitcoin

Police on patrol in the Kadriye neighborhood of Serik district, Antalya,
decided to check on a car with plate number 35 VYA 72, whose windows
were open as it was parked on 268 Street along the banks of the Acısu
River at 3 in the morning yesterday.  There was a dead body in the back
seat of the car and police identified the deceased as Sükrü Mert Ersoy of
Muratpaşa district.

Ersoy had rented the car in Antalya the day before yesterday.  The cause
of his death was determined to be strangulation and by yesterday evening
5 people had been taken into custody by police in connection with Ersoy's
murder.  One of the suspects explained that Ersoy was killed because he
resisted transferring $40-50,000 in 'Bitcoin' digital money to their

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