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Schitzo Dad Left Him on Mountain at 6

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 September 2017)

Köylüler ayak izinden bulmuştu Toros Tarzanının hayatı nasıl değişti
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Hasan Hüseyin Kahrıman was born in Balcılar village of Taşkent
district in Konya.   At age 6 he was left at the top of a mountain 10
kilometers away to fend for himself by his schizophrenic father (!).
Seeing that his son had survived the first night on the mountain,
his father brought Hasan a chicken, rooster and bees.  With the
chicken's eggs and the game he hunted, Hasan lived this way until
he was 15 years old.

Hasan explained that "we were five siblings and all of us were afraid
of the mountain.  When I asked my father why he was leaving me
on top of the mountain he said 'you'll become a very brave child.'  My
mother told him not to do it but he didn't listen. Later we learned that
my father was schizophrenic. He passed away two years ago."

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Hug a tree when there's noone else to.

Hasan said that on the mountain top he learned how to hunt and how
to stay warm: "when I pulled apart a rat's nest I found juniper cones
and I realized that the rat used them to keep warm."  He said that his
best friends were foxes.  At age 15 the local villagers told Hasan it
was time to leave the mountain and learn a trade.

When Hasan was 11 his father brought him a rifle to hunt with on
the 2,000 meter-high mountain.  Hasan hunted for a while but after
saving a drowning snake he decided against hunting any more.
These days, Hasan has a steady job in Hadim district but longs to
get back to the mountain at every opportunity.

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     Taşkent district is Konya's southernmost.

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