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Firefighters Get Guidance From Homeowner

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 September 2017)

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                     "Oh, and do the dishes."

In Antalya, Kadriye Yay (45) began cooking in her home in the
Kızılarık neighborhood of Muratpaşa district.  After putting food on
the stove to cook, Kadriye hanım took the garbage out.  However,
she inadvertantly threw her house keys into the garbage and couldn't
find them again.

With the food cooking on the stove, Kadriye hanım called the fire
department, while she waited anxiously outside her home. When the
firefighters arrived they climbed a ladder to the balcony and received
the following instructions from Kadriye hanım: "Don't go in the house
with your shoes on!  Turn off the stove! Bring me my cigarettes!"

After entering the house and turning off the stove, the firefighter
brough Kadriye hanım her cigarettes.  Litghting up, Kadriye hanım
thanked the firefighters for their efforts on her behalf.

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