22 Eylül 2017 Cuma

Uncovered Woman Are Like 'Already Opened Packages'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 September 2017)

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Wise mufti & message (he misspelled 'mağaza' (store). 

Mehmet Yazıcı, the mufti (official expounder of İslamic law)
of Gölcük district of Kocaeli province, has drawn outrage
because of a Facebook message he posted: "packages in stores
whose wrappers have been opened and the contents exposed
to public view sell for half price. Those of you who understand

Yazıcı, who has been serving in Gölcük since 2013, erased the
posting shortly afterwards but not soon enough to prevent the
outrage.  The mufti's message likened women whose hair is
exposed to 'goods in a store that have been opened up for
public view'.

In a similar incident in June, Emine Merve Akyüz, a speaker at a
symposium held in Bağlarbaşı, Üsküdar, arranged in partnership
with the Üsküdar municipality and Akademya Dergisi (Academia
Magazine), which has close ties to the İBDA (Great Eastern
İslamic Raiders Front) movement, declared that "Moslem women
should wear a 'tesettür' (head scarf).  Noone wants a tomato that's
a bit opened and its skin pealed."

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