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Challenge to 'Last Call' Ends Badly

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(Hürriyet English Daily News, 25 September 2017)

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His hoped-for 'nightcap' proved costly for Vidkar Haladko.

A 17-year-old waiter working at a hotel stabbed a Belarussian
tourist to death in the touristic Marmaris district of the Aegean
province of Muğla late on Sept. 23, Doğan News Agency has 

The incident occurred after the 28-year-old Vidkar Haladko 
reportedly arrived with his wife back at his hotel in the Turunç
neighborhood of Marmaris after a night out. Haladko reportedly
went to the pool bar for a drink while his wife went back to 
their room.

The waiter at the pool bar, identified only by the initials M.S., 
was reportedly cleaning the bar after its closure and refused to
serve alcohol to the Belarussian tourist.

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M.S.was NOT going to work overtime.

A brawl subsequently erupted between the two, during which 
M.S. stabbed Haladko with a knife taken from the bar.

Hotel officials called security forces to the scene and the tourist
was rushed to hospital. However, he died at the hospital due to
wounds sustained in his liver.

Gendarmerie teams detained M.S. after the incident and he 
was referred to court on Sept. 24.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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Turunç, quite a lovely town by the way, is south of Marmaris.

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