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Meteor Falls in Kars? No, Russian ICBM

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 September 2017)

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     Eat your heart out, Kim Jong-un.

The villagers in the Akyayla and Günindi pasture, near Karabağ village
in Kağızman district of Kars province, set out excitedly to find a meteor
that supposedly fell from the sky nearby.  It turned out, though that the
'meteor' was in fact a part of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile

Braving cold and windy weather, the villagers searched high and low
for the 'meteor', which they had heard could bring a good price from
collectors.  Akyayla village chief Hamza Altay explained that "there
was a big noise after the evening prayer.  I thought it was a plane but
the villagers said it was a meteor.  The police called me and asked
whether a meteor had fallen. I told them I didn't see any such thing
but later it was rumored that a meteor had fallen towards Digor."

Ultimately, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the object
that landed in Kağızman district resulted from a test of the RS-12M
Topol-type intercontinental ballistic missile.

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                            Kars province

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