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İmam Asks Ex-Hubby's Help for Ex-Wife's Hand

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 September 2017)
İmamı evlilik ısrarı yaktı
They all have the same eyes - they're probably related (ugh!).

In Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, Savaş H. (36) and Emine E. (32) got
married in 2004 but they divorced in 2014.  At that time, custody
of their 9 year-old son was given to the mother, with Savaş H.
paying 500 TL per month in alimony and child support.

According to Savaş H., two years ago Ö.B., the imam at a mosque
in their neighborhood, became friendly with Emine E.  In fact, in
order to win Emine's favor Ö.B. paid for all the expenses related to a
private boarding school for the son in Manisa. Nevertheless, Ö.B.
could not convince Emine hanım to marry him.

A few months ago, a desperate Ö.B. began sending messages to
Savaş bey imploring him to "convince Emine hanım to be my wife.
I'll be a good husband for her and a good father for her son.  Let's
make a deal that would be good for you, too.  If she marries me you'll
be freed from alimony.  So put pressure on her to marry me.  We'll both
be better off.  Otherwise, you'll have to work like a dog forever."

Unimpressed by Ö.B.'s offer, Savaş bey went to the Sultanbeyli
District Mufti's office to complain about Ö.B. on 19 June.  The related
investigation is ongoing.

Image result for sultanbeyli haritası
     Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul

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