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Greek Thieves Target Rich Turks with 'Jammer'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 September 2017)

Yunanistana tatile giden genç çift hayatının şokunu yaşadı
                             In happier times...

The Turkish Erbayri couple went to the Greek peninsula of Hakidiki
for a vacation but experienced a robbery nightmare instead.  And the
response they got from the Greek police was less than soothing so
they hurriedly packed up and headed back to Turkey.

Aircraft engineer Berat Erbayri and his wife Gülden crossed the border
into Greece by car and headed for the Sithonia region of Halkidiki.
However, when they went to the beach, thieves lurking about used a
'jammer' electronic device to open the doors of the Erbayri's car and
stole all their belongings.

The couple checked the internet and found that other Turkish tourists
had suffered the same fate.  The Greek police, though, told the
Erbayli's that "Turks come here with lots of money so the thieves
zero in on you."  Berat bey noted that his friends were similary
robbed three days later.  He said that "they do these thefts with the
aid of the 'jammer'.  We're going to tell the (Turkish) consulate about
this so anyone who goes there is alert to the possibilities."

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