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Cousteou's 'Calypso' Re-Christened 'Turkish Phoenix'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 September 2017)

‘Calypso’ yeniden  yelken açacak
    His roughest seas turned out to be in Yalova.

Four days ago the ship R/V Calypso, which researcher Jacques-Yves
Cousteou used for his explorations, burned up in Yalova (!).  The Coustou
Foundation has announced that the ship's frame survived the electrical fire
and will be reconstructed.

The foundation, led by Coustou's widow Francine Cousteau, did not
assign blame for the tragedy in its announcement: "The Calypso suffered
damage in the 12 September fire but there was no loss of human life.  It
appears that only the wooden portions of the ship were lost.  This incident
will delay the reappearance of the Calypso on the seas but not prevent it."

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