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Pot Calls Kettle Black in Adana

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 September 2017)

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         'Hero' designation a bit premature.

A shocking claim has arisen regarding the suspect in a murder
last month in Yüreğir, Adana, that has sparked controversy on
social media.  Emrah B. (33) killed Muhammet Reşit Yıldırım (17)
for raping his 13 year-old daughter and was declared a hero by
many people, who then appealed to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
to pardon Emrah B.

Emrah B. separated from his wife two years ago and gained custody
of their daughter F.N.B. (13).  On 14 August Emrah B. killed Yıldırım,
whom he claimed had raped his daughter. After being captured Emrah
B. declared that "the person I killed raped my 13 year-old daughter.
I committed the murder so that the same thing wouldn't happen to
other girls."  In the subsequent investigation it was learned that F.N.B.
is two months pregnant.

Emrah B. was taken into custody for the murder but he was touted as
a hero on social media, complete with a campaign to have President
Erdoğan pardon him.  However, it turned out that 8 days before he
murdered Yıldırım, Emrah B. had tried to marry C.N., a 15 year-old
Syrian immigrant girl (!), whom he saw while selling goods from his
stall at a bazar.  Her father A.N. rejected the proposal of  Emrah B.,
who threatened to kill A.N. and had to be pepper-sprayed by police
when arrested.

In his own defense, Emrah B. asserted that "I saw C.N. at the bazar
and they said she was 18.  We were going to get married. They got
3,000 TL from me for shopping and they wanted another 20,000 TL.
When I said I wouldn't give it to them we argued."  Emrah B. was
released pending trial for resisting arrest but was then incarcerated
for the murder of Yıldırım.

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Yüreğir district (a regular on page 3 and TNT) is in southern

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