13 Eylül 2017 Çarşamba

'Potato Line' Phone Let Killer Avoid Capture

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 13 September 2017)

Kadir Demirel'in katili tutuklandı!
        Young Mr. Potato Head's luck ran out.

On 29 May, Kadir Demirel (56), the head of Akit Newspaper,
summoned his son-in-law Cemil Karanfil to his Istanbul home to
account for the violence he had been visiting upon Demirel's daughter,
and Karanfil's wife, Esma Karanfil.  In consequence, Karanfil killed
his father-in-law and seriously wounded his wife Esma (!).

Karanfil fled but was captured the day before yesterday in Izmir and
brought to Istanbul to face charges yesterday.  Karanfil had been able
to avoid capture for more than a hundred days by staying in hotels
that did not require ID's and by using a 'potato line' telephone that
is untraceable.  He also used his older brother's ID card to move around
and planned to escape to Greece.

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Mentor miffed by protégé's bad luck.

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