4 Eylül 2017 Pazartesi

Flat Earth Defender Blames Globular Masons

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 1 September 2017)

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              Yes! Now it all makes sense!

Togay Demir, the district chief of the ruling AKP party's youth
branches in Fatih, Istanbul, published an article on his akgencfatih.
com website entitled "The Flat Earth Theory".  Demir, who is also
the head of the Environment, City and Culture Unit in Fatih,
asserts in his article that the Earth is flat and that those who purport
that the Earth is round are the Masons (!).

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 The secret NASA logo you'll never see.

Demir declared that NASA's space photographs are all photoshopped,
adding that "there's no need to mention the conspiracy about going to
the Moon because it didn't happen and the related images were made
in a studio.  There are many proofs and analyses of this."  Demir
added that nothing has ever left the Earth, saying "taken together,
we see that it's all a secret big game that they're trying to hide from

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He has that 'I know something you don't' look on his face.

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