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FB Liquor Photos Sink AKP Women's Chief

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 September 2017)

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Fired for drinking alcohol without a headscarf.

In Kurucaşile district of Bartin province, Handan Birgücü was appointed
as the head of the ruling AKP Party's Kurucaşile Women's Branches on 1
September.  However, when photos she posted on social media showing
her drinking alcohol appeared in the local press she was stripped of her

Birgücü runs a 'tekel' (store selling beer, liquor and cigarettes (!)), with
her family in Kurucaşile.  The AKP's Women's Branches General
Secretary Lütfiye Selva Çam appointed Birgücü to her post on 1
September.  However, photographs that Birgücü posted on Facebook
in 2014, 2015 and 2016, showing her drinking alcohol, leaked to the
local press after her appointment but before she had a chance to erase
them.  Birgücü was relieved of her post on 20 September.

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Bartin province is on the western Black Sea coast.

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