7 Eylül 2017 Perşembe

Father & Son Edition

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 7 September 2017)

İşadamı babadan oğluna oteli batırdın tepkisi
                            These kids today...

In Bolu, businessman Yurdaer Kalaycı turned over operation of
his hotel to his son in 2013.  In the aftermath of a gunfight that left
3 people wounded at the hotel restaurant, though, Kalaycı posted
this on his social media page: "Inan Kalaycı, whom I'm ashamed
to call my son, has driven the Yurdaer Mutfak Sanat Merkezi and
gas station into the ground.  May God spare anyone else from this
fate.  I'm so ashamed."

The night before last İ.B., who is a managing partner, opened fire
on customers at the hotel's restaurant on the D-100 highway.  Hit
by the gunfire was G.Ç. and N.A., who tried to break up the
confrontation.  Customer A.A. was hit by a ricochet bullet.  İ.B.
was taken into custody.  Yurdaer Kalaycı has filed suit to have his
son vacate the hotel.  

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 September 2017

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          ...they grow up so quick. (sigh)...

In Bakırköy, Istanbul, G.S.G, the son of a public prosecutor, had
an argument with his girlfriend in the tea garden of his aparment
house complex. Workers in the garden roughed up G.S.G. in
response to the incident, which took place in the Ataköy 5 Kasım
complex's tea garden.

Embarrassed by being slapped around in front of his girlfriend,
G.S.G. went to his house in the judges and prosecutors' living
quarters in back of the tea garden, found a pump-action rifle
and began firing at the tea garden workers from the window of his
home, wounding two individuals.

Police arrived on the scene and spent two hours trying to get
G.S.G. to surrender.  Abdülhamit Pahıl, who was struck in the
chest, was taken to a hospital for treatment, while the other
injured person left the grounds under his own power.

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              Bakırköy district of Istanbul


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