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Gals Can't Resist The ISIS Man

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 August 2014)

Svetlana before and after her ISIS infatuation.

Sahin Aktan (44), who owns a car dealership and a restaurant,  has
filed a complaint with the public prosecutor because his Kyrgyz
ex-wife Svetlana Hasanova (24) took their 3 year-old son to ISIS-held
Rakka, in Syria, last month.   Aktan stated that within the past year his
ex-wife had begun to wear the burka (full head and body covering),
say prayers and visit Islamic websites.  According to Aktan, Hasanova
disappeared on 1 July with their son.

Every one a ladies' man. Their aftershave perhaps?

Continuing, Aktan explained that "I pretended that I was a woman in
order to chat with my ex-wife online. She told 'me' that she was in
Rakka and that if I would marry a cihadist then I too could come to
Rakka. My ex-wife said that my son is a hostage in ISIS's hands."

Aktan related more of his Facebook chat as follows: "the cihadists I
spoke with (pretending to be a woman) want to marry. My ex-wife
married a cihadist in Gaziantep and from there they illegally entered
Syria, first to Aleppo and then to Rakka.  They wait for their husbands
to return from cihad and spend the night with them. A cihadist fell in
love with me (pretending to be a woman), too."

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