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85 and Still Procreating. This Time Twins

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 June 2015)

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    "Someone please make me stop!"

In Van, Abdullah Sevinç had 10 children by his first wife.
After she died, Sevinç married again and had three children
from his second wife. Now the 85 year-old Sevinç is the
new father of twins.

Sevinç lives in Bahçesaray district of Van province. After
his first wife Hanife, the mother of his first 10 children,
died 15 years ago, he married Mihrinaz, 39 years his junior.
The couple's first three children were two boys and a girl who
was born when Abdullah was 76.

After 9 years passed, Abdullah decided at age 84 to have
another child.  Mihrinaz became pregnant and the couple
waited excitedly for the birth.  Twenty days ago the 46 year-
old Mihrinaz went into labor and was taken to Bahçesaray
State Hospital for the delivery.

However, the couple was in for a big surprise. They had not
gone to a doctor for a check-up prior to the birth and were
shocked when Mihrihaz delivered twins.  Abdullah had this
to say about his situation: "I'm a bit old but my health is
good. I'm a bit embarrassed but what can I do. We're not
thinking about any more children. I have fifteen and that's
enough for me."

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Bahçesaray district is in southwestern Van province.

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