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ISIS-like Destruction of JR's 'Wrinkles' in Istanbul

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 June 2015)

Before, and then after some idiots splattered whitewash
 on a masterpiece...

JR, a photographer and street artist who has won the Ted
Prize, brought his 'Wrinkles of the City' project to Istanbul
last month, after Los Angeles, Cartagena, Shanghai, Havana
and Berlin.  JR did pieces in the Tarlabaşı and Balat sections
of Istanbul, painting the portraits of local elderly people on
the walls of dilapidated buildings.

One of the three JR portraits on a wall in Balat was
whitewashed by unknown persons about 20 days ago. JR
protested against this on Twitter and Instagram, showing
before and after pictures of the portrait wall. He said that
of all the cities he has painted in, the only place where a
portrait has been defaced like this is Istanbul.

Contributors on social media accused the Fatih Municipality
of destroying the art work. However, Fatih officials quickly
responded via Twitter, saying "we want everyone to know
that we are more heartbroken than anyone by this. The
'Wrinkles of the City' project was jointly implemented here
by JR and the Fatih Municipality, which had absolutely
nothing to do with the destruction of this work of art."

Image result for fatih istanbul haritası
                Fatih district of Istanbul

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