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Save a Crow, Lose an Eye

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 26 June 2015)

//ed. note: there is a Turkish saying that fits this situation
like a glove: "besle kargayı, oysun gözünü". The translation
is "feed the crow and it will pick out your eyes". The saying
is used to refer to someone who returns evil for good."//

Zafer SAMANCI  karga Burak Börekçiler  saldırı
Poster boy for the 'no good deed goes unpunished' campaign.

Burak Börekçiler, who lives in Konya and is preparing to
go to university, found a wounded baby crow in his family's
garden four months ago. He took the crow to a vet and then
brought it back home to nurse it back to health.

However, 20 days ago the crow suddenly attacked the youth
and injured his eye to the extent that the right eye's vein was
cut and he lost the use of his eye. Börekçiler was at a loss to
explain the attack, noting that he had looked after the crow
with great care.  He said that "I treated him like the apple
of my eye (!). I researched how to nourish a crow and found
the right foods, like bugs, worms and bread crumbs. I put on
the cream the vet gave me for his wings. I was going to
release him back to nature in a few days."

Continuing, Börekçiler explained that "I gave him food and
water. He was in his cage. Suddenly he got agitated and
began to move right and left in the cage. I let him out a
couple of times and he flew around the room. The last time
he came out of the cage he suddenly attacked me, starting to
peck at my face and eye. I threw myself on the floor and
covered my head with my hand. Then he flew away through
the open window. I don't know why he attacked me."

Börekçiler recalled that the vet had warned him, saying
"if you care for him well he'll heal in 2 or 3 months. Then
let it go back to the wild. There's no telling what this animal
will do. They're very smart and vindictive. If you do
something that they don't like they never forget it and are
sure to take revenge."

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               Konya province

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