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Tomato War Erupts at Apartment in Konya

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 June 2015)

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War-weary Saadet K. with 'casus belli' of the Tomato War.

The plucking of a tomato in the garden of an apartment house in
Konya has brought two families to court.  The (alleged) plucking
family offered "a year's worth of tomatoes" but the plucked family
said in response "you'll sow one tomato plant and give it to me
when it ripens just like my tomato that disappeared."

The incident occurred at the Kaya apartment house in the Bedir
neighborhood of Selçuklu district in Konya last May. Reportedly,
Gökhan Ö. (41), who live on the second floor, was growing
vegetables in the tenants' common garden.  One morning, Gökhan
saw that one of his tomatoes had been plucked from its branch
and he accused the first-floor K. family, shouting at them "you
plucked my tomato and ate it!"

Despite Ibiş K.'s assertion that noone in the K. family had eaten
the tomato, Gökhan was not persuaded.  Ibiş K. then stated
that "we didn't pluck the tomato but we'll give you a kilogram
of tomatoes anyway." Gökhan rejected this offer, as well.
The next day, Gökhan's wife, mother and sister beat İbiş K.'s
wife Saadet.

Nonetheless, İbiş K. made another offer to Gökhan to settle
the matter, saying "if you like, I'll get you a truck load of
tomatoes. I'll meet your tomato needs for a year. Let's not
make this a big deal."  In response, Gökhan punched İbiş K.
As a consequence, the K. family filed a criminal complaint
for 'assault and battery' against Gökhan, his wife, mother
and sister in court in Konya, with a jail sentence of from 1
to 3 years requested.

At the first hearing the judge said "why are you tying up
the court with matters like this? Settle it among yourselves."
So, again İbiş K. offered to meet Gökhan's tomato needs
for a year but Gökhan's response was even more harsh:
"I don't want a year's worth of tomatoes. I want the tomato
I raised and since you can't give me that, you will raise
some new tomatoes. When they reach the ripeness of the
one I lost then you'll give it to me. Otherwise, there wil be
no end to this."

Gökhan then filed a criminal complaint of his own against
Ibiş and Saadet K. for damaging the vegetables and fruits
in an area that Gökhan had surrounded with barbed wire
and for plucking a tomato without permission.

Selçuklu district is in the center of Konya province.

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