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Military Justice in the Dog House

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 June 2015)

Hayvanseveri çiçeksever kurtardı
  "Doesn't the army have anything else to do?"

Artillery Captain O.G. was on trial in military court in the
5th Army Command at Çorlu and faced a sentence of up
to two years in jail because he had a dog house built for a
stay dog that entered the barracks. The charges against O.G.
asserted that he acted:  "to ensure his own spiritual contentment
by satisfying his love of animals and for using military
materials for personal interests."

The trial has ended and during the last hearing O.G.'s lawyer
Ilkay Sezer said that he had shared the indictment prepared
by military prosecutor Lt. İsmail Savcı with law school
professors, resulting in the following defense:

"I left my phone charger in the car when I came here because
if I used it here I would be accused of stealing electricity.
On my way here I saw that the prosecutor has flowers in
his room. Isn't looking at flowers akin to satisfying his own
spiritual needs?"

Hearing this, prosecutor Lt. İsmail Savcı stated that "I bought
the flowers in my room with my own money. And I didn't
charge my telephone in my room." After saying this he said
that he had asked the court committee to remove him from this

The 5th Army Corps Command Military Court accepted Savcı's
request  and asked that a new prosecutor be assigned for the
hearing.  The new prosecutor, Major Erol Turan, gave the
following opinion on the case: "the request to take care of the
stray dog came from the soldiers. No evidence has been found
that the material used for the dog house was refuse, despite
claims to this effect.  There is doubt about the suspect getting
spiritual benefit from this and the suspect can avail himself of
this doubt. In accordance with general legal custom, I am
requesting acquittal."

The court ruled that there was no proof of a crime and
Captain O. G. was acquitted.  

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