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Istanbul Businessman Seduced by 'Ayşe Qaddafi'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 June 2015)

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  Fortunately, she looks nothing like her dad.

Lately, African conmen have gained infamy by claiming that
they could change ordinary paper into money by using a
special chemical solution (see related TNT reports over the
past couple of years). Now the 'Ayşe Qaddafi' scam has
taken center stage and the latest victim is Istanbul contractor

O.T. received a 'hello' message via the Tango app sent by
'Ayşe Qaddafi', the daughter of the late Libyan dictator. O.T.
believed this to be genuine and responded. He then received
another message from 'Ayşe Qaddafi' that read as follows:
"Hello, I'm Ayşe Qaddafi, the daughter of Libyan leader
Muammer Qaddafi. I need your help. My wealth is being
secretly kept at a security company in Ghana and I have to
move it to another country. I will provide more information.
If you give me your email address we can communicate with
each other."

Again, O.T. did what he was told and received the following
email message: "I have 100 kilograms in gold ingots and 9.5
million dollars at the ACF Security Firm in Ghana. When you
get this out of the country for me I will give you 30% of the
value.  Give me your bank account information and I'll pass
it on to the firm."

With his share in mind, O.T. agreed to the deal and received
further instructions: "we were going to send the gold and money
but there is a problem with the documents. If you send some
money we can take care of this matter. The money you send
will be reimbursed to you by Ms. Qaddafi."

O.T. then sent a total of 375,000 TL (about 150,000 USD) in
four separate deposits to the account number given to him.
Sometime after this, O.T. realized that he had been bilked
and reported the situation to police, who are continuing their


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