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Attn: Screenwriters Seeking Material, Look No Further

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 June 2015)

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Turkey's Bonnie & Clyde

Taner Ş. (28), of Diyarbakır, is one of Beyoğlu Tarlabaşı's
(Istanbul) most dangerous criminals and the chain of crimes
he committed is worthy of a film scenario.

Three months ago, Taner escaped from prison in Artvin, where
he had developed an enmity with a fellow inmate.  Once out
of prison, he shot two brothers of his enemy as his foe listened
over the phone.  In Beyoğlu, he stabbed a person who had hit
him and two weeks later he was wounded in an attack in

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Notorious crime haven Tarlabaşı is upper center.

Taner went to the hospital under a false name but police
found him there anyway. Nonetheless, he was able to put
his police guards to sleep (!) and escaped.  Polise pursued
Taner and ultimately nabbed him in a home in Bağcılar,
Istanbul, together with his wife.

The whole affair developed as follows: Taner S. was in
prison in Artvin, in extreme northeastern Turkey, for
an armed attack, narcotics crimes and threats.  He
escaped from the prison and in order to take revenge on
Müttalip B., his enemy in prison, he cornered Müttalip
B.'s older and younger brothers in Tarlabaşı.

Taner then called Müttalip and told him "I have your
brothers with me. I'm going to shoot them. Listen."
Taner shot each brother in the foot as Müttalip listened
on the phone and then fled.

Two weeks after this incident, Taner stabbed someone
who had hit him in Tarlabaşı but he himself was wounded
a few days later in a clash with a group in Tarlabaşı.
Injured in his arm and stomach, Taner fired at police
who came to the scene, and escaped.

With a false ID, Taner went to the hospital with his wife
Rabia Ş. but police soon found him there in Şişli,
Istanbul,  Two policemen were placed as guards in
front of Taner's room after he was operated on.  But
wife Rabia was able to put the police guards to sleep
with doctored fruit juice she offered them.

Taner, although bandaged, was able to flee from the
hospital with Rabia's help.  Police continued their
pursuit, though, and ultimately cornered Taner and
Rabia in a home in Bağcılar, Istanbul.  After the
provide statements, the suspects will be transported
to jail.

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Taner escaped from prison way out in Artvin.

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