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Castro's Son Evidently a Lapsed Commie

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 June 2015)

Bodrum’da Küba yumruğu
Dad's revolutionary ways didn't make the transition.

The youngest son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Antonio
Castro Soto Del Valle, came to Bodrum for a vacation
with his friends.  The night before last, Del Valle went to a
restaurant with a view of the Bodrum Fortress with a group
of 12 and drank wine.

In good humor but having trouble standing, Castro's son,
together with his friends and bodyguards, left the restaurant
at 2300 hours.  Del Valle became angry when he noticed
that DHA (Doğan News Agency) reporerts were photographing
him and he reentered the restaurant's kitchen. When a car came
for him in front of the restaurant, he got in it and left.

Del Valle's Turkish bodyguard H.K. and a Cuban bodyguard
remained at the restaurant and threatened and insulted the
members of the press there.  The bodyguards kicked and
punched the DHA reporters and tried to take their cameras.
DHA's Yaşar Anter was injured by a punch. The Cuban
bodyguard fled and H.K. was released after showing his
ID card.

Del Valle's group boarded a minibus and left the restaurant.
Castro's son had been on the Greek island of Mikanos and
came to Bodrum aboard a 50-meter yacht. He stayed in
a 5-star hotel in Bodrum and used five suites for himself
and his friends.

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