9 Haziran 2015 Salı

Drones Detect Chinese Cheaters

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 June 2015)

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      Drones keeping track of other drones...

China has deployed drones to prevent university students from
cheating on their university entrance exam.  Officials in Luoyang
city in Henan state are intent on ensuring that students don't bring
cellphones or other electronic devices into the testing hall to copy
from others so they have deployed the drones inside the hall to
detect any 'unusual' electronic signals.

The drones were first used on Sunday and as yet no cheaters
have been caught by the drones.  The Chinese Education Ministry
made an announcement on Saturday that since the exam process
began in May for 9 million candidates 23 people have been caught
trying to cheat.

 Image result for luoyang map
                Luoyang, China

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