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Drive-Thru Restoration

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 June 2015)

420 yıllık külliyenin duvarı kamyon için yıkıldı
Somebody said "tear down that wall!"  So we did.

In Yenişehir district of Bursa province, a wall was broken
down to allow vehicles to enter and exit for wall restoration
work  (!) at the 420 year-old Sinan Paşa Külliyesi (campus).

The Bursa Municipality awarded the contract for the
restoration job  to Sama İnşaat, whose subcontractor is
doing the actual work. Ercan Özel, a member of the city
council and the planning-budget commission, had this to
say about the situation: "Yenişehir was occupied five times
by the Greeks in 1921 and 1922 and experienced quite a bit
of destruction. But the Greek soldiers respected the works
of the Ottomans, who ruled over 7 continents (!) and didn't
damage the caravansaray in this way."

Özel stated that the wall had been breached to allow vehicles
to enter and exit, and he added that "this wall was broken
for vehicles to enter but there's already a road they could
have used. History has been sacked and pillaged!" He added
that the Culture and Tourism Ministry has started an

A representative of the restoration firm explained that "the
wall was going to be torn down in any event. We talked
with the administration and said we needed a minor breach
so small vehicles could come and go with materials. The
decision went through the Monuments Council. Additionally,
there are cracks in the tombs and we're going to have to
tear down and rebuild those walls, as well."

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Yenişehir district is in eastern Bursa province.

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