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ISIS Update: Too Close For Comfort

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          30 meters in between flags.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 June 2015)

ISIS occupied Cerablus district of Syria's Allepo province
a year and a half ago. Cerablus is just across the border
from Karkamış in Turkey's Gaziantep province. After the
Kurdish YPG took Telabyad further to the east, ISIS has
been laying land mines and digging trenches to prevent
a YPG assault on Cerablus.

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                       Rowdy neighbors

ISIS's activities can be seen with the naked eye from the
Turkish side of the border. In recent days, coalition forces
led by the U.S. have been bombing ISIS targets in Cerablus.
After ISIS took Cerablus in the beginning of 2014, Turkey
closed the border crossing there. The distance between the
Turkish flag waving on one and the ISIS flag on the other
is a mere 30 meters.

A large number of  Turkish tanks were moved into position
on the border yesterday as a precaution against ISIS.

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