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Zumba Instructor Shakes Up Her Building

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(Sabah Newspaper, 13 June 2015)

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Zumba class started without you...

zumba what the heck is zumba anyway?

Certified zumba instructor Hülya Yılmaz is in court with
her landlord in a case involving garbage and harassment.
Yılmaz left garbage in front of her apartment door in
Beşiktaş district of Istanbul and her neighbors complained
to the landlord, Sebahattin Öner.

Öner told Yılmaz to vacate her apartment because she didn't
throw her garbage out, making the entire building smell,
and because of excessive noise.  However, Yılmaz refused
to leave and instead she posted photographs of Öner on
Instagram, claiming that he had sexually harassed her.

In response, Öner, who has four grandchildren,  filed suit
against Yılmz for slander. According to the court filing,
Öner lives on the top floor of the apartment. As complaints
mounted against Yılmaz he asked her to vacate her flat but
Yılmaz countered, saying that "I pay my rent. It's noone's
business who comes and goes in my house. Nobody will
make me move out of my house."

Esra Ö., who lives on Yılmaz's floor and Müzeyyen T.
from the top floor complained about Yılmaz, who told a
realtor "If you give me money I'll leave. Otherwise, no!"
Saying that she was the victim, Yılmaz claimed that she had
been sexually harassed by Öner and put photos of him on
her Instagram account. Two internet sites made news of

Öner filed suit against both Yılmaz and the internet sites
for slander. His lawyer asserted that "Öner is the married
father of 4 and the grandfather of 4.  He never harmed
anyone. He's a tenderhearted and morally upright person
who has been slandered."

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                Beşiktaş district, Istanbul

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