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Mayor's Killer Digs His Own Grave

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 June 2015)

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Dug for 'soil analysis' of his own final resting place.  

Hasan Ataş, the mayor of Beyhan town in Elazığ province was
stabbed to death by Mustafa Bayram (19) on 9 August 2013.
Bayram escaped to Istanbul but Ataş's brother and cousins
made a deal with their relative Şerafettin Ataşoğlu in Antalya
to kill Bayram for money.

Ataşoğlu sought out Bayram and invited him to come to Antalya
for work.  Then, in order to obtain a false ID card for Bayram,
he summoned Ramazan Ataş, the son of a relative in Elazığ, to
come to Antalya. Ataşoğlu gave Ramazan Ataş a weapon and sent
him to a boardinghouse in Antalya, after which Ramazan's ID info
was used together with a photo of Bayram to obtain the new ID
card for Bayram.

Ataşoğlu then brought Bayram to a textile store in a rented car
and put Bayram to work there.  Subsequently, Ataşoğlu took the
two workers, Bayram and Ramazan, to the forest at Düzlerçamı,
where he had them dig a one meter-deep hole, saying that the
purpose was 'soil analysis'.  Then, on 23 November, Ataşoğlu
brought Bayram to the forest for 'driver's training'.

There, Ataşoğlu shot Bayram to death and buried him in the
hole Bayram had dug himself, together with the false ID card.
The next day, Ataşoğlu went to Istanbul and sold the rented car
for 28,000 TL (about 11,000 USD), took out the GPS system and
turned the car over to a friend.

Pinickers who came to Düzlerçamı forest noticed blood on the
ground and Bayram's body was discovered. The resulting
investigation revealed that the body was that of Bayram, despite
what the false ID card indicated. Police checked GPS, MOBESE
(street camera system) and telephone records to arrest Ataşoğlu
and Ramazan Ataş.

A case was opened against Fahrettin Ataş, the brother of the dead
mayor who works in the Istanbul municipality, and his cousins,
both lawyers, Irfan Ataş and Nazmi Ataş, along with Hüseyin Ataş,
for ordering the murder of Bayram.

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Beyhan town is in Palu district of Elazığ province.

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