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Sexual Harassment: Harasser Freed, Harassee Fined

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 June 2015)

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Scales of justice a bit out of whack, it would seem.

In Adana, Ş.Ş., who works in a municipality, claimed that
her co-worker E.Ö. touched her breasts and made other
improper contact with her on 10 June 2014. Ş.Ş. filed a
criminal complaint in this regard with the public prosecutor.

After the case was opened against E.Ö., he counterfiled,
claiming that Ş.Ş. had insulted him by calling him a 'deviant'
and characterizing him as 'dishonorable'.

E.Ö., for whom an 11-year jail sentence was requested by
the prosecutor, told the court in Adana that Ş.S. took out
cold cuts from the freezer at their workplace in order to
bring them home to the cats she looks after there. When
E.Ö. objected "Ş. got mad at me. She and her husband
came the same day and insulted me."

As for the newly married Ş.Ş., for whom a 2-year jail
sentence was requested, she said that "as I was taking the
cold cuts out of the freezer, E.Ö. first touched my breasts
and then he felt my sex organ. I was shocked."

The female judge ruled that besides Ş.Ş.'s contradictory
statements, there was no other definite evidence so she
acquitted E.Ö.  Ş.Ş., however, was fined 1,740 TL (about
600 USD) for insulting E.Ö. Ş.Ş. had this to say about
the verdicts: "I was sexually harassed and fined. An unjust

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                          Adana province


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