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The Self-Licking Ice Cream Stick Scam

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(Sabah and HaberTürk Newspapers, 28 June 2015)

Dondurma çubuğu çetesi yakalandı
If only they'd put their evil genious into curing cancer...

With the coming of the hot weather the leading firms in the
ice cream sector in Turkey have started free ice cream campaigns.
The firms aim to distribute more than 40 million ice creams
during the summer, but police received an interesting tip from
one of the firms.

According to the tip, counterfeit ice cream sticks have hit the
market. The sticks are turned in for free ice cream, which is
then sold back to stores at a lower price.  Police began an
investigation and soon found the culprits.  The fake ice cream
sticks were being made in a workshop in the Sultangazi
section of Istanbul.

When the police raided the workshop they found tens of
thousands (!) of counterfeit ice cream sticks and took
Ahmet A. (35) and Cem S. (27) into custody.  The suspects
have been making sticks with 'free' written on them, turning
them in and getting free ice cream from markets participating
in the ice cream firms' campaigns, and then selling the ice
cream to other markets in their gang at a lower price.

The suspects have been running this operation for 3 years (!).

Sultangazi is in the middle of the map of Istanbul's districts.

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