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Fathers Day Edition: Bad Dad Candidates

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 June 2015)

Image result for evlilik programında kaptan Nihat skandalı
"Captain Nihat" trolling for a new wife on TV.

Sefer Çalınak, who married twice and killed both of his
wives, appeared on a TV program in September 2014 for
people seeking new partners.  This time "Captain Nihat"
has created a new scandal for the same TV program.

Nihat M. (45), who participated in the TV show, said
that he was a ship's captain and had a salary of 12,000
TL per month (about 4,500 USD).  Nihat explained that
he had experienced an unhappy marriage and was not
looking for someone new.

Image result for evlilik programında kaptan Nihat skandalı
Two-time wife killer Sefer Çalınak - 'never say die!'

Quite a few women responded to Nihat's availability
but our reporter who looked into Nihat's past got a
completely different story.  HaberTürk reached Nihat's
mother Emine M., who said that "my son was really a
cleaner on a boat. He's been married for 15 years but
now he's on the verge of divorce.  During an argument
he injured his sister-in-law  and he received treatment
for a while in a mental institution.  When he decided to
get married again we as a family stood beside him."

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