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Road Rage: 'And Leave the Driving to Us'...Uh, No

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 June 2015)

Kartal'da minibüsçü dehşeti: 7 yaralı
        When good minibus drivers go bad...

The morning before last, minibus driver Ahmet Kürekçi
left Kadıköy in his vehicle bearing plate number 34 M 2523
and got into an argument with another driver who got it his
way.  As they proceeded along the road, the two drivers
exchanged words and at Üsküdar Avenue in the Atalar
neighborhood they each got out of their vehicles and began
arguing face to face.

The argument soon turned into a fight and the enraged
minibus driver Kürekçi got back into his vehicle.  Disregarding
the five passengers in his minibus, Kürekçi drove his vehicle
on to the sidewalk toward the other driver and his friend,
sending them sprawling left and right.  The minibus only
stopped after hitting a wall.

     Anger management class starts tomorrow. 

The five passengers in the minibus were injured in various
places because of the crash and were taken by ambulance to
local hospitals. Minibus driver Kürekçi fled but later turned
himself in to police. He was released pending trial.

From: Kadıköy, Istanbul To: Kartal, İstanbul

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