4 Haziran 2015 Perşembe

Bulldozer Edition: Bathroom Break Interrupted

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(Millyet Newspaper, 29 May 2015)

Tuvaletini yaparken üzerinden dozer geçti
Killer dozer lurks menacingly in the background.

In Inegöl district of Bursa province,,  Çetin Bekler (38)
went to relieve himself after dropping off a load of
garbage at the landfill.  The bulldozer operator working
there didn't notice and ran him over.

Çetin Bekler, who works at a subcontractor company that
provides services to the Inegöl municipality, took a load
of garbage to the landfill today. While chatting with his
friends, he left to relieve himself in the pile of garbage
he had just dropped off.

The bulldozer operator, Mücahit Cerrah (18), didn't notice
Bekler as he began to spread the garbage over the landfill
and ran over Bekler, the father of two,  as he packed down
the refuse.  When Bekler didn't return to his friends they
got worried and went to look for him, soon coming upon
the body of their unlucky friend.


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