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Mispronunciation Edition: Guilty 'R' Us

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 June 2015)

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Suspects may open a new franchise...after speech therapy.

Two masked gunman robbed a gas station on the Ödemiş-
Beydağ road in Izmir province on Tuesday. The gas
station attendant ran to the station's store and locked the
door but one of the robbers broke the glass, entered
the store and announced that "bu biğ soyunduğ!" (bu
bir soygundur/this is a stick-up).

The robber took 1,600 TL from the attendant and 2,600 TL
from the cash box, along with some cigarettes, and fled.
The Gendarmerie arrived at the scene and studied the
security camera footage.  The attendant told the Gendarmerie
that the robber could not pronounce the letter 'r' and that
he had cut his foot on the broken glass.

As the Gendarmerie continued its investigation, in the course
of a separate operation against suspected drug sellers, they
raided a field owned by one K.M., where they seized 493
marajuana plants. As the Gendarmerie questioned K.M.
they noticed that he could not pronounce the letter 'r'
and they became suspicious.

The Gendarmerie also examined K.M.'s foot and when
they found traces of glass cuts there, it became apparent
that K.M. was one of the gas station robbers. And
although K.M. denied the charges, the Gendarmerie
looked at his cigarettes and found that the serial number
of his pack was from the same series stolen from the
gas station.

M.G. and H.B., who helped K.M., were taken into
custody and in a search of H.B.'s home the two rifles
used in the robbery were found. After giving their
statements, the three suspects were taken to jail.

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           Ödemiş district of Izmir province.

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