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A Bridge to Make One Sigh...

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 July 2015)

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                  I don't see a problem.

The 70-meter long Korubükü Bridge over the Karaçay stream
in Seydikemer district of Muğla province was seriously
damaged during the winter when the water level rose and
last month the district chief ordered that the bridge be closed
to traffic. However, the barriers that blocked the approaches
to the bridge were removed a few days ago, but by whom
remains a mystery.

Last 14 January, because of torrential rains, water from the
Saklıkent Canyon flowed in excess into Karaçay stream and
the legs of the bridge connecting Korubükü hamlet in
Seydikemer with Kınık hamlet in Kaş district were heavily
damaged. A 30-meter portion of the 70-meter long bridge
sunk down three meters so the bridge was closed.

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         Well, maybe from this angle...

In the middle of April, as the stream's water level subsided,
Korubükü residents filled the sunken portion of the bridge
with sand, making the bridge passable, albeit dangerously so.
In any event, jeeps filled with tourists intent on taking in
Korubükü's mud pools began passing over the broken bridge

Nevertheless, local residents wanted the bridge repaired. District
Chief Muammer Köken got word of the bridge's reopening and
sent the Gendarmerie to inspect the structure. The Gendarmerie
found the bridge to be dangerous and closed it with marble blocks
at either end.

However, a few days ago the blocks were removed and heavy
dump trucks, passenger buses and safari jeeps began to use
the broken bridge once again. It remains unknown who opened
the bridge to traffic.

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Seydikemer is in extreme eastern Muğla province.

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