6 Temmuz 2015 Pazartesi

Lady Shepherds Break the 'Grass Ceiling'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 July 2015)

Women! Next thing you know they'll be driving dolmuş taxis.

We have all become used to seeing only males working as
shepherds in the mountains but two sisters raising
sheep have a surprising story behind them. Sisters
Nagihan and Seher Yıldız, who live in Hocaköy in İnegol
district of Bursa province, assumed the job of making a
living for their family when their parents became too old
to work.

The two sisters started with 2 lambs a little while ago and
now have a thriving enterprise with 215 lambs. Every
morning at first light they climb the mountains to graze
their sheep.  Seher Yıldız graduated from Anadolu University's
Mathematics Department but rather than become a teacher she
decided to help her older sister Nagihan in the village raising

Seher Yıldız relieves her longing for teaching by offering
free lessons to the village children. The Yıldız sisters have
this to say about their situation: "let our determination be
an example for all women."

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İnegöl district is in eastern Bursa province. 

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