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A Dentist's Life Gets (a Bit Too) Interesting

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 July 2015

Diş hekimine ‘cin’ tuzağı
Dr. F.B. sips a soda while Gülistan Ö takes mental notes...

F.B., a famous dentist in Aydın, who has her own TV show,
was bilked out of nearly 1.5 million TL (about 500,000 USD)
by a six-person gang using incredible methods. According to
the court file, the case developed as follows:

Dentist F.B. went to a wedding in Izmir in 2011 where she met
Müşerref M., a board member of a political party, and her
husband Salih M.  The couple then began coming to F.B.'s
clinic for dental treatment and there they became friends with
Gülistan Ö., who worked at the clinic.

The couple obtained personal information about F.B. from
Gülistan which they then used to convince F.B. that she was
under a curse. When the couple told F.B. things about herself
that she thought they couldn't possibly know, she became
convinced and let the couple take her to 'Mustafa Hoca' in

With information supplied to him by Gülistan, Mustafa Hoca
told F.B. how her father had gone bankrupt and about the
difficult times she had experienced, including some incidents
in her university days.  Mustafa Hoca convinced F.B. that both
she and her clinic were under a curse and that she would end up
bankrupt like her father if she didn't have the curse lifted.

F.B. was amazed and persuaded by Mustafa Hoca and did
whatever he told her to do after that.  Mustafa Hoca came to
the clinic and 'discovered' amulets that Gülistan had hidden.
Thoroughly under Mustafa Hoca's sway, F.B. gave him 16,000
TL via Müşerref M.  For the next three years, the gang used
the same tricks to squeeze thousands of TL from F.B.

The gang even offered to get F.B. elected as a parliamentarian
but she refused the offer. Nevertheless, they promised to get
her elected at the next opportunity but this required F.B. to
contribute 200 kilograms of olive oil to Mustafa Hoca's student

At this point, after three years, F.B. realized she was being
hoodwinked and did not want to send the gang any more money.
However, F.B. did agree to aother invitation from Müşerref M.
Once there, F.B. drank a spiked drink, went unconscious and
was then blackmailed for 'sexual images' filmed by the gang.
The result was that F.B. gave the gang 160,000 TL in jewelry
and signed over a luxury apartment in Karşıyaka, Izmir, to the
daughter of Müşerref M., Ilgaz M., in 2013.

The gang's demands kept coming, though, so F.B. had a
criminal complaint filed by her lawyer, Sinan Aslan. Based,
on bank records, the public prosecutor determined that F.B.
had sent the gang about 1.5 million TL.  The suspects refused
to accept the charges, with Müşerref M. claiming that the
jewelry F.B. gave her was payment for a previous debt. She
also claimed to have paid F.B. for the apartment her daughter

The court in Nazilli accepted the indictment on 15 June and a
trial is expected to begin in October.

From: Aydın, Aydın Merkez/Aydın To: İzmir

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