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Cellphone Traffic Snares 5 Shepherds' Killers

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 July 2015)

Kayseri'de seri cinayet şoku
           Çadır cousins shepherded to jail.

Between 2010 and 2013 in Kayseri, the following murders
of shepherds occurred: in 2010 Zularneyn Taşdelen (52) in
Havadan village of Develi district; in 2011 Bayram Aki (56)
in Yeregeçen village of Pınarbaşı district; Salih Aksoğan (56)
in Mimarsinan hamlet of Melikgazi district; in 2012 Durdu
Mehmet Pınarbaşı (70) in Koçcağız village of Talas district;
and in 2013 İsmail Eser (80) in Kuruköprü hamlet of Talas
district. After each shepherd was murdered his flock was stolen.

The police and Gendarmerie set up a special team to solve the
shepherds' murders. They determined that the five murders
had happened along the Kayseri-Malatya highway around the
time of Kurban Bayramı (feast of sacrifice) and that each
had been shot from afar by a rifle first, and then from close
range. It appears that the shepherds were chosen because at their
advanced ages they would be unable to resist.

Police examined 1,470,000 telephone records and discovered that
at the time of the murders three cousins who lived in a village
near the sites of the incidents - Fatih Çadır (20), Metin Çadır
(21) and Fevzi Çadır (37) - were engaged in intense telephone

The three Çadır cousins denied the murder charges but gave
conflicting stories under interrogation. They were arrested
for the murders of Salih Aksoğan and İsmail Eser. The police
and Gendarmerie team continues its work regarding the other
three murders, with their efforts focusing on the three cousins.

           Kayseri province and its districts.

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