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Hijack Edition: Publish (Me) or Perish!

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(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 30 July 2015)

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His heroes? No wonder he can't even give 'em away.

On 7 June, Zafer Alcan, now under arrest, tried to hijack
a Turkish Airlines flight from Ankara to Istanbul, saying
that he had planted a bomb on board.  A sentence of 15 years
in prison is being sought for Alcan and the case will be heard
in court at Bakırköy, Istanbul.

In the indictment prepared by the Bakırköy public prosecutor,
the statement given by suspect Alcan is included.  Alcan explained
that after retiring from Turkish Radio and Television (TRT)
in 2008 he wrote a book but the book did not prove to be as
popular as he had hoped.

Continuing, Alcan said that "my aim was to make the bomb
threat on the plane and draw attention to myself and get the
name of my book publicized. I didn't want to bring harm to
anyone. When the plane landed the pilot told the passengers
not to get off the plane. My aim was not to changed the plane's
route or go to a place other than its intended destination. I
don't know whether there was an emergency landing or not.
I think it was a normal landing. I had no intention of committing
a crime."

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How about a book-signing session on board?

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